Food Addiction Test

Are you wondering whether you might have food addiction then take the most accurate test. You have to answer few questions which are related to your habit and personality. You will find your result after completing this quiz.

1. You might sometime afraid of eating food.

2. You are often feeling guilt of eating junk food.

3. You feel full but have urge to eat for taste and pleasure.

4. Have you checked you weight and have you noticed significant increase.

5. You might have back pain.

6. You are preferring eating alone.

7. You might have these, Bad breath, Dental problems.

8. You are liking craving foods like tomato ships etc.

9. You are eating until you do not feel full.

10. Do you like food rich in…. (select all if you like all types)

11. Are you feeling ill after eating too much.

12. Are you worrying about not eating certain type of foods.

13. You might have problems functioning effectively at your job or school because of food and eating.

14. In short,  Do eating food causes anxiety, depression and feeling ashamed.

Food addiction can make one’s life full of problems and will cause weight gain so if you feel you might have this addiction then consult a doctor for controlling your eating habit.