Schizotypal Personality Disorder Test

This Schizotypal Personality Disorder Screening Test will help you to determine your chances of schizotypal personality. We have placed nine questions in the test and they are useful for finding whether you have SPD. According to DSM these symptoms should be used for diagnosis of schizotypal personality disorder and if a person strongly agree with these symptoms, then he/she should be called for final treatment.

1. Incorrect interpretations of events, such as a feeling that something which is actually harmless or inoffensive has a direct personal meaning.

2. Odd beliefs or magical thinking that’s inconsistent with cultural norms

3. Unusual perceptions, including illusions

4. Odd thinking and speech patterns

5. Suspicious or paranoid thoughts, such as the belief that someone’s out to get you

6. Flat emotions, appearing aloof and isolated

7. Odd, eccentric or peculiar behavior or appearance

8. Lack of close friends or confidants other than relatives

9. Excessive social anxiety that doesn’t diminish with familiarity

10. You must be 18 years old to check results. There are various symptoms of schizotypal personality disorder and we have included those which are very close and found in every person who is suffering from this disorder. These symptoms are published by diagnosis and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM) and we have brought to you in the form of quiz. You are now going to check whether you are suffering from schizotypal personality disorder. Our test will clearly and accurately calculate your points and will give impotent suggestion. Below click show results and find your chances in the form of points.


Please note a professional mental health expert is able to diagnose such personality disorder so you can print the report and can show for better evaluation.


Introduction: You should read all statements carefully and check whether these statements are actual and accurate from your experience. You should select (True) if you strongly agree and (False) if you strongly disagree with the statement. Every symptoms has been provided with five points and you will find actual points you got after completing the schizotypal personality disorder test. You will also find a suggestion and advice from the test immediately below your scored points.