Postnatal Depression Test

Postnatal depression test is designed to check chances of postpartum depression. You have to answer 20 questions and you will get a printable report which you can show to your doctor for early help and diagnosis of postnatal depression.

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In pregnancy most of women will become anxious of giving birth to child and these types of baby blues are normal. When a newly mother gives birth and find dramatic changes in behavior, emotions and mood then a disorder starts to interfere with daily life which we called postpartum depression. Symptoms may begin soon after birth of child and can last for months even years. If you are new mother and want to check whether you might have started developing this disorder, then this postnatal depression test can help you. Start answering questions and if you have got high chances, then print out the response sheet and consult your doctor.

How to show this test report to doctor.

If you have not enough time asking your symptoms to your doctor, then show response sheet which you have printed after completed this test. Your doctor will understand from your responses and from the result which this test has fetched. This test is not for the diagnosis of postpartum depression but can help you find the chances.

Postnatal psychosis is another type of depression found in new mothers so this test can also help you find, whether you might have chances of developing this type of depression. We are providing this postnatal depression test for free and it is completely anonymous. You do not need to provide your personal information but simply start test quickly without any problem.