Screening Tests For Mental health Disorders, Intelligence & Personality.

Mental Health Screening Tests is providing mental health, psychological disorder screening tests and personality disorder tests. These tests are not used to diagnose any mental health disorder but these screening tests can help you track your symptoms.

All the mental disorder tests created here are build with a unique algorithm to determine chances and symptoms of a person suffering from mental health disorder. We have worked hard to build accurate and safe automatic quizzes with the help our mental health professionals and we are updating our quizzes accordingly in order to compel with world health organization.

Important: “Illness Quiz tests are created for entertainment and information purpose. You should not use our screening tests for self-diagnoses but if you feel you might have symptoms of any psychological disorder then you should consult your mental health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.” [Read Terms Here]

How our screening tests work?

Our all mental disorder tests are based on the common symptoms and signs of a mental health disorders. For example in our bipolar disorder test our test have all the symptoms and signs of bipolar disorder in a questionnaire style. Our tests are built with mathematical calculation and point system. For example, A correct response is given 2 points and incorrect response is given zero points. After you submit your responses you will see a unique result page in which you will find whether you have symptoms or not. We always suggest our users to consult a mental health professional for proper diagnosis, whether the user got a high chances message or low chances message.

Again these above tests are for informational purposes and entertainment. Do not misuse these tests to get self diagnosis of any psychological disorder.

What To Do After Completing Mental Illness Test?

After completing mental illness test you have many options and features available.

  • User can print report and can show it to mental health expert.
  • If you have took mental illness test behalf of another person then you have option to email the report to the person.
  • If you have done mistakes you can restart test without losing previous answers.
  • You can share your report with friend via social networks.
  • You can see result with your score, level and suggestion.
  • If our test was unable to predict your chances then it will show error message so that you can restart the test.
  • You will be able to review test statements and your responses.
  • For very question we are using psychiatric symbol to let you know what question means.

In recent conversation with our client we have found that our tests are fetching accurate results. Please read all the message from Amit:-

“Hello sir i have took your free depression test and found it helpful. I have printed my report and next morning i went to my  personal doctor and he told me to consult psychiatrist. When i showed the report to psychiatric he prescribed me some medicines without talking one word. Now i feel good and i am thankful to all creators of this site and these tests…….”

Creators of These Tests.

A person dealing with psychology and mental health counseling can better understand mental conditions so all tests and quizzes have been created by our psychology student Deen Mohd. They have been reviewed and approved by our psychologist and psychiatrist for publishing at You can read who is behind illness Quiz here. You can check all people who are helping our mental disorder tests to become more accurate and compelling.

Our aim was to provide mental illness information but we have created such tools which are more important than spending time reading information about psychological disorders. In short we want to provide such resource which can help you find what you are willing to find. Our tests are filled with symptoms, signs and complete information about the mental disorders and you have to read only questions and have to provide honest answers.

A mental health professional can diagnose mental illness but these tests can work to get complete overview of any disorder. Every mental disorder test above are checked for compliance with the terms of service of You must note that will provide accurate results, reports and scores on the basis of your responses.