Histrionic Personality Disorder Test

This test can predict whether you have symptoms of histrionic personality disorder. If you got above 30% symptoms then you are advised to talk with a mental health professional.

1. Do you feel uncomfortable living in the silence?

2. Are you facing rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotion?

3. How do you feel, when you are not the center of attention in a situation?

4. How do you react, when someone has a suggestion for you?

5. How do you feel when someone disappoints you?

6. Do you speak dramatically with strong opinions, but have no facts of few details to back them up?

7. How do you feel when someone insults you in public?

8. How do you feel when you are the centre of attention in public?

9. Do you feel angry when people do not pay attention to what you say?

10. Do you always leave such parties or situations in which you are not respected well?

11. Do you often feel bad about your physical appearance?

12. Do you sometimes act without thinking about the consequences?

13. Have you ever thought about or threatened to commit suicide in order to get people’s attention?

14. Do you always feel the need to clear any doubt people have about you?

You may also like to take borderline personality test and schizoid personality test.

Understanding Test Score

We have created this test on the basis of common symptoms of histrionic personality disorder. This test consists of 8 questions and you have to answer each question with true or false statements.

Histrionic personality disorder test will automatically fetch a complete report. Report will provide, chances of histrionic personality disorder, your score , percentage of symptoms found.

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