Sociopath Test – Antisocial Personality Screening Quiz

Take the online version of the sociopath personality test. Sociopath screening quiz will predict whether you might have signs of sociopath commonly known as “antisocial personality disorder”. Sociopath and psychopaths share similar set of traits but are different mental health conditions so we have developed different screening test for psychopath.

Answer the below questions honestly, these questions are related to your behavior and personality. We do not store your results and we never ask for any personal details.

1. Do you joke about yourself or like it when people joke about you?

2. Do you fail to learn from experience?

3. Do you particularly care about how others feel?

4. You’ve just hurt someone’s feelings, how does that make you feel?

5. Are you aggressive or cool headed?

6. Are you generally an anxious person?

7. Are you responsive to others socially?

8. Do you tell lies or say insincere things?

9. You are superficially charming and intelligent?

10. You have delusions or other signs of irrational thinking?

11. Your behavior is anti-social for no good reason?

12. You have poor judgment

13. You are pathologically egocentric, and incapable of love?

14. You generally lack the ability to react emotionally?

15. Your sex life is impersonal, trivial or poorly integrated?

16. When you say you’re sorry, you usually don’t mean it.

17. You often act before you think about the consequences.

18. You got in trouble a lot when you were a kid.

19. You are very good at manipulating people and situations.

20. You have been cruel to animals.

This sociopath test will screen your behavior and personality and will predict whether you are sociopath or not. You will also find whether you have mild sociopath tendencies or sever sociopath tendencies. You will also find your Id, Ego and Super ego levels. For this you will need to answer 20 questions with true/false responses.

Sociopath personality is also associated with antisocial personality disorder so we have created separate screening test for antisocial personality disorder. The sociopath person shows various signs which are not easy to identify and it is hard to examine yourself. If you are concerned about your behavior then we recommend you to consult a mental health professional for proper diagnosis. Our sociopath test might be accurate but still we do not recommend it for self diagnosis of sociopath personality.

You may also like to take psychopath test. because psychopaths and sociopaths shows common signs of personality disorder.

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