You visited the most recommended PTSD test. If you feel you might have symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and they interfere with your daily life, then this test is what you need. Do not be afraid to answer every question honestly. You will get a full report after completing the test. If you want to print the report, then click ‘show results’ and you will find a page with full information.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Test

1. In your life, you must have witnessed life-threatening events which caused fear for many weeks.

2. In your life you must have seen dreadful events like witnessing an accident or having a person die in your hands etc.

3. In your life, you might have heard a lot of bad news which made you feel helplessness and fear. For example, you heard that your neighbor died and you felt fear for at least 3 days.

4. You are getting thoughts and images of past fearful events and you need to ignore them by making yourself busy.

5. Look at the picture carefully and tell have you remembered your past fearful event.



6. You avoid going to places that may remind you of past fearful events, for example, you might avoid going to a graveyard.

7. You are having nightmares in which you feel helpless, have weak legs or hands, and cannot run away from the dangerous situation.

8. Look at the picture below and see if it triggers fear.



9. After remembering fearful past events, you feel breathless, insecure, and need to remain in contact with people.

10. You need to control thoughts that remind you of past events.

11. You avoid activities, feelings and conversations that trigger your fearful thoughts.

12. Do you sometimes feel you are unable to remember something important about the past fearful event? This makes you research thoroughly and reflect.

13. Do you think, since the particular fearful event took place, that you feel less interested in activities or hobbies that you once enjoyed?

14. Do you sometimes find that there are thousands of fearful stories stored in your mind, which you have heard from other people or experienced in your life?

15. Do you sometimes think your future will be dark; and that you won’t get a job or get married and have children, and will not live a normal life?

16. You worry about not being able to fall asleep and you often take sleeping pills.

17. Do you face difficulty while:

1. Expressing how much you love a person 2. Expressing anger 3. Attempting to laugh 4. Focusing on conversation


18. Sometimes you may be easily annoyed, become angry, or suddenly show an outburst of anger.

19. After you suddenly displayed anger, you feel guilt and tearful.

20. Do you have difficulty concentrating, and feel unable to focus on an object or thing?

21. You sometimes feel angry with your mental status and think it is too much to live in this world, and want to die.

22. You are feeling sudden shocks and alarms.

23. You are feeling detached from other people and the rest of the world.

How Test Scored My Chances of PTSD?

We have created this test for those who need to check whether they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. It contains 23 questions that are directly or indirectly associated with symptoms of PTSD.

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If you have got the highest level from this PTSD test, then you might be suffering from this disorder. You can print the report after completing the quiz and can show it to your doctor. This report will help your doctor to diagnose your psychological disorder more accurately.

Instructions: Ptsd is treatable psychological disorder and if you have got high level of score then talk with a mental health professional. No online test can diagnose PTSD only a trained mental expert can. So this test is for informational purposes not for diagnosis of PTSD.

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