Social Anxiety Test

This social anxiety test is used to determine whether a person is suffering from social anxiety disorder. This automatic quiz system will let you know your social anxiety level. It will take only 2 minutes to get your report so answer every question carefully and honestly.

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

1. Do you feel that you can’t speak with individuals in a role of power?

2. Do you sometimes feel that you are being watched.

3. Do you feel that you should not talk with strangers under any circumstances?

4. You stay in your house because of fear of the outside or others.

5. You can’t concentrate during discussions.

6. You can eat or drink, in public without a problem.

7. Do you have a fear of saying the wrong thing while talking with your friends?

8. Do you feel like you have to go to the bathroom when you have important work to do?

9. Do you feel uncomfortable when people look at you?

10. Are you using the internet to share your ideas, instead of face to face discussion?

11. Do you feel that you have better knowledge than others about certain topics, but that you can’t express them openly?

12. You are feeling nervous while speaking on the phone with stranger.

Social anxiety is a common psychological disorder and people around world is often worrying whether they have this disorder. We have created this automatic quiz to let them know the truth. This test is approved by thousands of mental health experts and they are referring their clients to make sure they might have this disorder.

It is Free and Simple Test.

We are providing this social anxiety quiz for free and it will remain free forever. This test has helped thousands of people and we have got positive reviews. This test will create a simple report after you have finished the quiz and will let you know your social anxiety level, score and advice

This Social Anxiety Test is Safe and Accurate.

For the safety of our users we will never save your reports and we will never share your data publicly. It is completely anonymous and you have not to provide any personal details in the test. This test is created by professional experts trained in mental health so it will give you accurate results.

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