Social Anxiety Test

The social anxiety disorder test is a self-assessment online tool that helps in determining whether or not a person has symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

This social anxiety test assesses your thoughts, feelings, and behavior in social situations through a series of questions. It serves as a helpful tool and the initial step to obtain a proper diagnosis from a mental health professional.

Is this self-assessment tool accurate?

Self-assessment tests for social anxiety disorder can help identify symptoms and provide initial indication of the condition, but should not be used for self-diagnosis.

Mental health professionals use clinical interviews, psychological assessments, and observation for definite diagnosis. Self-diagnosis can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

1. Do you feel that you can't speak with individuals in a role of power?

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2. Do you sometimes feel that you are being watched.

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3. Do you feel that you should not talk with strangers under any circumstances?

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4. You stay in your house because of fear of the outside or others.

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5. You can't concentrate during discussions.

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6. You can eat or drink, in public without a problem.

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7. Do you have a fear of saying the wrong thing while talking with your friends?

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8. Do you feel like you have to go to the bathroom when you have important work to do?

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9. Do you feel uncomfortable when people look at you?

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10. Are you using the internet to share your ideas, instead of face to face discussion?

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11. Do you feel that you have better knowledge than others about certain topics, but that you can't express them openly?

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12. You are feeling nervous while speaking on the phone with stranger.

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What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety is a feeling of worry or nervousness in social situations for example feeling extremely nervous and self-conscious before giving a presentation in front of a group of people.

We all face this feeling sometimes, but for some, it’s more intense and happens more often.

For instance, someone might steer clear of parties or social gatherings out of fear of being judged or humiliated.

How do I check if I have social anxiety?

If you believe that you have social anxiety disorder symptoms, then it may not be appropriate to self-diagnose and the best way to check is to consult a mental health professional.

These mental health professionals such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist can use clinical interviews, psychological assessments, and observations, which will help them to make a proper diagnosis.

You can also take a self-assessment test like this one it can help you in indicating whether you have social anxiety or not.

Just a friendly reminder, using self-assessment tools by themselves isn’t a foolproof way to diagnose a condition. While they can be a helpful starting point, it’s best to have a professional evaluation to get a definite answer.

Some questions you may ask yourself?

  1. Do you get nervous or fearful in social situations or when you’re in the spotlight?
  2. Do you feel self-conscious and concerned about what other people think of you in social situations?
  3. Because of your anxiety, do you avoid social situations or events?
  4. Do you have physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking, or a racing heart when you’re in public?
  5. Is your anxiety interfering with your daily activities, such as school, work, or relationships?
  6. Are you having trouble maintaining relationships, making new friends, or participating in activities you enjoy?
  7. Do you get nervous days, if not weeks, before you have to face a social situation?
  8. Do you ever feel like you’re being judged or watched all the time?

Please keep in mind that if you agree with most of the above questions and you feel your symptoms are interfering with your day-to-day activities then it is a good idea to get professional help.