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IllnessQuiz.com is providing mental health quizzes and was started in 2013 by Deen Mohd.

2013 – Development of offline self-assessment tests.

With the help of friends and psychology teachers Deen Mohd Developed offline Screening tests for depression and anxiety.

In order to make them reliable and to make them more valid these tests were reviewed and approved for public use by well-known psychiatrist Dr. Arsheed, MD.

2014 – Screening tests were made available online. 

Deen Mohd was also interested in web development and he developed IllnessQuiz.com and built a Quiz plugin for WordPress.

He then uploaded an anxiety test, depression test, antisocial personality disorder test, and sociopath test. He also build a unique algorithm to score the responses provided by the user which resulted in more accuracy.

2015 – These tests became increasingly popular.

Due to the uniqueness and accuracy of these self-assessment tests, they gained popularity and got shared across social networking sites but users.

2015 – 2020: Served 80,332,2100 Users

From 2015 to 20120 we served 80,332,2100 Users around the world and interesting thing is that 82% of the users we have served are from the United States.

2023 – We are working hard to ensure the validity and reliability of these screening tests.

We are constantly updating our self-assessment tests and are working hard to make them reliable and valid.

We believe that online screening tests can be beneficial and may serve as the first step toward a proper diagnosis of mental health disorders and treatment.

About Owner: Deen Mohd was a psychology student, who completed BA in Psychology. He is working as a mental health counselor and web developer by a profession.

Creation Date: 25/11/2013

All the tests and quizzes have been reviewed and validated by these psychologists and psychiatrists.

Dr. Amir Hussam: BA, MA, and Ph.D. in psychology. Working as a psychology lecturer at Govt Degree College Kulgam. R/O: Kulgam

Dr. Ajaz Khan: MBBS, MD as a Psychiatrist. 25 years of experience and was head of the psychiatry department at mental hospital Srinagar.

List of psychology students who have directly or indirectly helped Deen Mohd in the development of these tests.

Amir Dar: BA, MA psychology. Kashmir University

Jaleel Ahmad: BA, MSc Clinical psychology. LPU University

Kisar Jan: BA, MA Psychology. Kashmir university.

We are thankful to the above experts and students who have helped IllnessQuiz.com become a trusted and safe mental health information site.

If you have any questions or concerns about our information or tests, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.
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