Dyslexia Test – Do i Have Dyslexia

Children are frequently given dyslexia screening tests in the classroom as part of routine assessments or when there are problems with a child’s reading development.

Screening tests take the lead in finding potential cases of a condition. They examine a person’s symptoms to identify any signs of the condition. The results of the test then determine if a more comprehensive evaluation is needed to officially diagnose the condition and plan the best treatment approach.

This screening test can assess your dyslexia symptoms and provide a report about whether or not you need further evaluation.

In this self-assessment, you have to answer 20 questions, and your report will be generated immediately after you complete this screening test.

1. You can't read a book but can read text correctly on a laptop or TV.

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2. You feel anger when you can not read fast.

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3. Please tell what is this.
What is this

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4. You are giving your own meaning and understanding of words and sentences and you like to design a story about it.

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5. You cannot read because when you start reading you immediately start thinking about other things.

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6. Do you prefer to read short sentences, short words, and short paragraphs?

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7. You ignore going to places where you have to read something in front of others?

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8. You can't pronounce words correctly and you ignore reading these words again and again.

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9. Solve this and tell how much time it took you to solve....Dyslexia image to solve

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10. Do you have the habit of writing letters in reverse order?

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11. Do you feel difficulty identifying or generating rhyming words?

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12. Do you have the habit of counting syllables in words?

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13. Do you think the word (You) should be described as (U)?

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14. Are you wasting enough paper because you feel unsatisfied with your handwriting?

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15. Can you summarizing a long story?

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16. Do you have interest in learning foreign languages.

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17. Are you enjoying painting  and wasting ink.

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18. Read this and check your time it took.

Internet addiction due to sadness

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19. Please tell what is this - Read responses carefully.


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What is dyslexia disorder?

Dyslexia creates challenges in reading and comprehending words, letters, and symbols, making it a learning disorder.

This disorder originates from a neurological issue affecting the brain’s processing of written text. It often has genetic roots and can run in families, and is not related to IQ, affecting individuals of all intelligence levels.

As an example, a dyslexic child faces difficulties learning to read and spell, despite receiving proper instruction.

They struggle with decoding words, recognizing words by sight, and comprehending what they read.

Phonological awareness, the ability to recognize and manipulate sounds in words, is also a challenge for them.

Numbers and math concepts may also pose difficulties for them.

What is the best dyslexia screening test?

Online tests for dyslexia can be easily accessed, but they shouldn’t be the only factor in making a diagnosis. No single online test is universally accurate or superior.

Online screening tests can be useful in identifying potential cases of dyslexia, but they cannot replace a thorough evaluation by a qualified expert, such as an educational psychologist or neuropsychologist.

A comprehensive evaluation normally consists of a variety of tests and evaluations, as well as an observation of the individual’s reading and writing abilities and an interview with the individual and/or their parents or caregivers.

Online screening tests may not be very accurate and may miss some cases of dyslexia or produce false positives, so it’s important to have a professional assessment to confirm or rule out the diagnosis.

At what age is dyslexia diagnosed?

The team of experts, including a psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and teacher, evaluates symptoms, academic performance, and risk factors to diagnose dyslexia between the ages of 5 and 9, or in older children and adults.

It’s important to understand that online dyslexia screening tests are readily available, but they shouldn’t be used as the sole basis for a diagnosis. These tests can be useful in identifying potential dyslexia cases, but a comprehensive evaluation by a certified expert like an educational psychologist or neuropsychologist is necessary for a proper diagnosis.

Why it is difficult to diagnose dyslexia in adults?

Difficulty in diagnosing dyslexia in adults stems from the subtle symptoms that may have been masked through compensatory strategies.

Adults with dyslexia may have employed coping mechanisms to conceal their difficulties, hindering the identification process for professionals.

Furthermore, the symptoms of dyslexia can sometimes be misconstrued as other problems such as lack of motivation or laziness, making an accurate diagnosis more challenging in adulthood.

How dyslexia is different from ADHD?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts an individual’s ability to focus, remain seated, and control impulsive behavior. Characterized by symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, people with ADHD may struggle with following instructions, completing tasks, and staying organized.

While both conditions can hinder learning, they affect different cognitive processes and present different symptoms. Having both dyslexia and ADHD further complicates the learning process and makes it difficult to pinpoint specific difficulties.

Getting a proper diagnosis from a specialist is crucial as the symptoms of these two conditions can overlap, making it challenging to diagnose. To aid in the diagnosis, you may consider taking our autism test or attention deficient disorder test. Additionally, we also offer an eating disorder test.


Dyslexia is a reading disorder, in a person who has normal or above-normal intelligence. When your child can not recognize and understand, words and symbols then you must talk with a counselor.

A movie was created on dyslexia disorder by Bollywood (Taare Zameen Par) ‘Stars on Earth’ in which a child (main character) was diagnosed with reading and writing disorders. Symptoms of dyslexia start from 10 years and it can cause many other difficulties if it remains untreated.

If you have found your child or yourself suffering from this disorder then consult a school counselor or mental health expert. The dyslexia test will help you check whether you have higher chances or lower chances. This test consists of 20 questions and it is better to answer every question but every question is not mandatory.

You may also like to take intelligence quotient test and which can tell whether you have normal intelligence or above normal intelligence. If you received high chance message from a dyslexia test, then talk with school counselor (child) or mental health professional (adult).