IQ Test

Take online version of intelligence quotient (IQ Test). This test will check your lateral thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills. Highest IQ level is 100 and lowest is 10.

1. Which two numbers should replace the question marks?

19, 20, 21, ?, ?, 26, 28, 32, 33, 40

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2. Fill In The Blank

The institution houses collections of objects of artistic, historic and scientific interest, and displayed for the edification and enjoyment of the public.

a. huge b. permanent c. produced d. conserved e. priceless

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3. Which two letters come next?

A Z B Y D W G T ? ?

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4. How many cases do you need if you have to pack 112 pairs of shoes into cases that each hold 28 shoes?

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5. jhvjhvk

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6. What number should replace the question mark?


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7. Public  sell their to the general public, whereas  companies  sell shares to, or raise money from, the general public.

{ can, cannot, companies,  private, shares }

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8. Which is the odd one out?

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9. Which is the odd one out?

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10. What number should replace the question mark to continue the sequence?

1, 5, 13, 29, ?

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11. How many minutes is it before 12 noon if 40 minutes ago it was four times as many minutes past 10 am?

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12. What value of weight should be placed on the scales to balance?


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13. If Peter’s age + Paul’s age = 39

and Peter’s age + Mary’s age = 44

and Paul’s age + Mary’s age = 47

how old are Peter, Paul and Mary?

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14. If a car had increased its average speed for a 150 mile journey by 5 mph, the journey would have been completed in 1 hour less. What was the original speed of the car for the journey?

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15. My thesaurus has 234 pages plus two-thirds of its total number of pages. How many pages has my thesaurus?

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16. What is a FERRULE?

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17. In a game of 10 players lasting for 30 minutes, five reserves substitute each player, so that all players, including reserves, are on the pitch for the same length of time. How long is each player on the pitch?

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18. What three letters can be inserted into the brackets to spell out a girl’s name when added to the first three letters and placed in front of the second three letters?

(...) MAR ( ... ) RON

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Solve the one-word anagram.


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The IQ test consists of 19 questions. Please do not use calculator or help of other people. This test is very accurate and provides accurate results. This test do not depend on chronological age.

If you have any question about this test then please do not hesitate to contact us.