Depression Test

Take an online version of the depression test designed to screen your psychological conditions to determine whether you have mild, moderate or severe depression. This online depression test consists of 30 questions and you have to answer each question honestly. After completing this test, you will find your report with a lot of information. This test is not a proper way to diagnose depression so talk with your doctor if believe you are suffering from depression.

Quick Depression Test

1. Are you more often

2. Which rules you more

3. When the phone rings do you

4. Are you more impressed by

5. Do you more often have feelings of hopelessness

6. It is very difficult for you to face guilt feelings

7. You just want to be alone

8. You have difficulty sleeping

9. Some times sleeping more than usual

10. You feel irritable or snap at people

11. You have difficulty concentrating

12. Getting headaches often

13. Difficulty remembering information

14. Loss of interest in usual activities

15. Getting unwanted or wanted thoughts of sucide

16. Getting thoughts of self-harm

17. Difficulty completing simple tasks

18. Loss of motivation

19. Spending less time with family and friends

20. Little or no interest in physical exercise

21. Getting anxious thoughts over and over again

22. Feeling less energetic

23. Perceiving the world around you as less colorful and vivid or (colors appear dull)

24. Feeling burnout at work

25. Feeling unexplained sadness for many days.

26. Remembering past fearful events every time when you start thinking about something

27. Feeling need of regression such as crying, tear fullness and excessive eating.

28. Want to run away

29. Feeling, no one will be able to understand your pain if you requested for help.

30. You started smoking or drinking for the shake of recovery from depression and sadness.

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Am I Depressed – Test

In this Depression test we have placed 30 questions. You have to provide accurate answer to each question. After completing this quiz you will be able to find whether you have sever, normal or mild depression. If you have got sever depression level then visit your doctor for diagnosis.

After you finished this test you may also like to take other depression related tests. If you are teenager, you must take test for teenagers and social anxiety test and if you are women then take postnatal depression test.

If you are getting suicidal thoughts then you may take this test for checking whether you are suicidal.

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Please note that depression test is a automatic quiz and you might feel anxious after getting result so consult your doctor for proper diagnosis.

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