Suicidal Test

Are You Suicidal

This test will try to measure your depression level and will check your coping ability. Please answer below questions honestly and you will find whether you are suicidal or not.

Suicidal Test

1. I don’t like my everyday activities

2. People are bugging me about my ethnicity

3. I feel like my friends are letting me down

4. I’m a social reject

5. I don’t get credit for my hard work

6. I can’t get any peace and quiet

7. I really wanted an “A,” but didn’t get it

8. I feel like I don’t explain myself well

9. I feel isolated

10. I am getting unwanted thoughts in my mind.

11. Encouraging others is a high priority in my life

12. I feel sad for unknown reasons.

13. It’s too hard to get ahead

14. I can’t motivate myself.

15. I think my life is full of problems.

16. i am just crying

17. I feel hopelessness and helplessness

18. You, Fear of Killing/Harming Yourself

19. You made specific plans to commit suicide in past.

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Depression and stress is considered as major cause of suicide or self harm. After completing this test you will find whether you have depression, bipolar, anxiety or little stress. In short this test is helpful for getting help, earlier from a mental health counselor or psychiatrist.

If you got high chances message then we recommend to consult psychiatrist ( You can chat with psychiatrist online). Keep in mind your life can come back on track after psychological treatment like Psychotherapy. You can read Stress Management Tips and Learn to Handle Stress so that you can get relief from daily stress.
You want to kill yourself and have self harm behavior and you might want to know, have these suicidal thoughts drugged deep roots in your mind or not. We have created suicidal test for those who are thinking about suicide due to psychological pain and depression. If you are constantly thinking about suicide and you have lost hope then it is worth calling your suicide hotline of your country.

You can print the report for further help from your mental health expert. We highly recommend, to get treatment if suicidal test showed very high chances of suicidal. You can consult psychiatrist and tell him your problem and get treatment.
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