Alcohol Addiction Test

Introduction: The Alcohol Addiction Test is designed to determine whether you are an alcoholic or not. This test will help you find out if you are already addicted or are rapidly tumbling toward becoming an alcoholic. To assess your alcohol addiction report, answer the following questions honestly.

1. Have you tried several times to stop drinking alcohol but failed every time?

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2. Do you think alcohol is bad for your health, or has it affected your health?

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3. Have you ever sold something in order to buy alcohol, for example, have you sold your watch to buy alcohol?

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4. Do you feel angry and restless when you have no money to buy alcohol to drink?

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5. Are you drinking alcohol only, when you feel depressed, sad and angry.

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6. Have you ever tried to make a timetable to drink alcohol at certain times?

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7. Do you feel alcohol has made you psychologically ill, making you forget too much and preventing you from concentrate properly?

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8. Are you getting suicidal thoughts because you feel you can't recover your life?

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9. You are worrying that you can’t sleep and you drink excessive amounts of alcohol before bedtime.

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10. Please take a pen and write down your name on a paper and now tell about your experience.

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Are You an Alcoholic – Quiz

It is said that drinking alcohol in a good manner cannot make you suffer from illness. But when you become addicted to drinking alcohol, you may not only suffer from physical illness, you will suffer economically, socially, and psychologically day by day. It is good to stop drinking alcohol completely. If you cannot stop, then try to drink moderately. For fun, we have created this alcohol addiction test to let you know whether you are addicted to alcohol or not.

What to Do After You Have Been Declared As Alcoholic?

If you have gotten a very high score on our alcohol addiction test, then you will need counseling from an addiction counselor or a family counselor. If you are shy and feel guilty about asking your counselor about this, then print out our test and show it without saying a word. The counselor will understand your problem and will provide you with better treatment.

We have seen that people who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders are often at high risk of becoming addicted to alcohol. If you have psychological pressure which makes you an alcoholic then consult a mental health professional for diagnosis. Take a depression test and an anxiety test here and find out whether or not you may have these disorders.