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Category: Depression Disorder

Take screening tests for depression disorder such as mood disorder, bipolar disorder and teen age depression disorder.

IIlnessQuiz Latest Articles

Agitated Depression Test

Before Staring This Test: To get accurate results for the agitated depression test, we recommend taking this general bipolar test (will open in new window). After completing that test, come back and take this test. If you got a high ...

Free Cyclothymia Test | Psychological Assessment

Cyclothymic disorder is a mood disorder in which a person experiences mood swings and erratic energy levels that interfere with daily life. Psychological assessment test for cyclothymia Cyclothmia screening test has been developed to assist people in determining whether they ...

Dissociative Identity Disorder Test

Take our screening test for dissociative identity disorder also known as (multiple personality disorder). This self-test is designed to analyze whether you have symptoms of dissociative identity disorder. This screening test can’t be used for diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder. ...

Suicidal Test

Are You Suicidal This test will try to measure your depression level and will check your coping ability. Please answer below questions honestly and you will find whether you are suicidal or not. Take these related screening tests. Bipolar test ...

Postnatal Depression Test

Postnatal depression test is designed to check chances of postpartum depression. You have to answer 20 questions and you will get a printable report which you can show to your doctor for early help and diagnosis of postnatal depression. Start ...

Teenage Depression Test

Teenage is period of stress and strain but it is very good idea to check whether you have mild depression or severe. This test will provide every information you need in this time. In this test you have to answer ...

Stress Test

Take the stress test and it will help find out whether you have high stress level or low level. It can also check your coping ability. This test will screen other psychological conditions and will provide chances of each disorder. ...

Bipolar Test

Take our free online version of a bipolar disorder test. It is designed to screening for the possibility of bipolar disorder. In this test you have 18 questions and you have to answer every question carefully. After submitting the questionnaire ...

Depression Test

Take an online version of the depression test designed to screen your psychological conditions to determine whether you have mild, moderate or severe depression. This online depression test consists of 30 questions and you have to answer each question honestly. ...