Anxiety Test

Take the anxiety test and it will help you find out whether you might have severe anxiety. It will also analyze the likelihood of an anxiety disorder. You have to answer 20 questions and after completing the test, you will be presented with a report which you can use for further evaluation of anxiety disorders.

Please be honest while answering the questions to analyze yourself in a better manner.

1. Do you feel restless while sitting at a place or do you get annoyed easily with things around you?

2. You are constantly worried about things that may happen or any situation that you might face in future. It is very rare for you to have a blank peaceful mind.

3. You are not at ease at public places. It’s not easy for you to travel alone or visit any place alone. You try to find out any excuse to avoid such scenes.

4. There are some instances from your childhood that haunt you. You become restless and frightened when such reminiscence occurs.

5. While sleeping, you wake up all of a sudden. Nightmares usually wake you up. You also have spent many sleepless nights.

6. You feel nervous while meeting a new person or while presenting yourself in front of others. Sweaty palms and trembling legs are very often when you go for an interview or address people from a podium.

7. You have observed excessive sweating while thinking about anything or sometimes without any reason.

8. Climbing five stairs makes you fatigue. You get tired easily sometimes just sitting idly makes you feel like you’ve shifted tons of loads from one place to another.

9. The fear of being judged by people around you does not let you face public. You are very cautious about portraying your best image among your acquaintances and friends.

10. You get panicky when standing in a queue, stuck in traffic, in a crowd or someplace where you feel you can’t escape if you need to.

11. You worry about the same things over and over again and obsess a lot.

12. You become worried about your health a lot. Reading symptoms of any/ most of the diseases make you feel like you are suffering from it.

13. You consider yourself as an anxious person. You worry a lot about your own anxiety.

14. You are constantly afraid of losing control or going crazy. You feel frightened of your own anger and its results.

15. While crossing the road the thoughts of a vehicle may hit you, while climbing the stairs the feeling of falling down, or while in the kitchen the fear of electric shock or gas explosion. You think a lot about dying.

16. You spend more than one hour a day doing repetitive actions such as hand washing, checking the door, counting things, cleaning your room etc.

17. You suffer from near-constant muscle tension—whether it consists of clenching your jaw, balling your fists, or flexing muscles throughout your body.

18. You face chronic indigestion problems. A condition characterized by stomachaches, cramping, bloating, gas, constipation, and/or diarrhea.

19. You undergo persistent self-doubt and second-guessing in most of the things in your day to day life. Whether the thoughts about career, relationship or any other social activity, you find yourself confused as well as confront the “what if” question with yourself very often.

20. Are you so much obsessive about perfectionism? You don’t trust that people can take care of your belongings nicely or you are never satisfied with other people’s way of doing things.

Anxiety test has been created for people who want to check whether their anxiety level is very high or very low. In mental world, anxiety plays a very important role but it could become problem if it increased to peak, where he/she can not perform day to day activities. A normal person should have low or medium anxiety level. To access your results, answer below questions honestly.
Anxiety is not a disorder but when anxiety become severe, it can make ones life miserable.

Goodness in this Anxiety test.

The most important and unique thing in this anxiety test is that it will measure your anxiety via level or scale. In this test you have to answer 2o questions and it will take 3 minutes to complete quiz. Various psychologists have recommended this quiz to their clients. You can see psychologists reviews below about this test.

If you want to check your anxiety level and have tried all but have not found perfect answer then, we welcome you to try this test. This test is created by psychologists and has been approved by mental health organizations. We have put simple and understandable questions in this test so that every person from every corner of world can take this without any problem.

How anxiety is measured?

Anxiety is a part of human behaviour and experiences so it will require professional and trained person to diagnose anxiety level in a person. Some psychologists believe that automatic tests can reveal person’s internal traits. This anxiety test is using a technique of online interview. A person will feel he/she is talking with a professional mental health expert and will answer all questions.

Is this anxiety test safe?

Yes, every automatic test can not show accurate results but we are first organization which has got positive reviews from people. Our tests are based on psychologists and psychiatrists approval and review. Thanks for placing trust in our services.

What if i got high anxiety level score?

If you have given 20 out of 20 positive responses then you will get level 4 to level 5 scale. This means you have high level of anxiety and you may be suffering from other types of anxiety disorders especially phobia and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You can consult a mental health expert for more help and treatment.

I am not Satisfied with anxiety test report.

We respect your privacy and if you believe our test has shown incorrect results then you can request professional review which will cost a little fee. Please contact us and provide all details with your anxiety level, if you want to get professional review of your anxiety test results.

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