Generalized Anxiety Disorder Test (GAD)

Screening For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This test will help you find chances of generalized anxiety disorder. This test consists of 21 questions and you have to answer all questions. You should also print the report so that you can show it to mental health professional.

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Above test will fetch a complete report after you have completed and answered all questions in it.

About generalized anxiety disorder.

A person who is suffering continuously from anxiety from at least six months will be considered as GAD patent. If anxiety is making your life miserableness and it is going severe day by day, then it is better time to get professional help. Sometimes it becomes very tough to control anxious thoughts and sometimes it feels like panic attacks and phobia. Worry excessively without real reason is biggest sign of GAD. A person with generalized anxiety disorder will get worrying thoughts about health, money and daily problems and issues. It is ok to worry about your exam but when there is no real reason to worry and you can not control what you are thinking? then you should accept you have generalized anxiety disorder.

It is not difficult for a psychiatrist to diagnose GAD and treatment is available. Medicines and psychotherapy can help you reduce some symptoms and can make your life enjoyable. GAD is linked with cognitive part of mind so most of psychiatrists are referring to cognitive behavioural therapy.

About GAD test.

We have created a good and quick tool here for people to find out chances of GAD. This automatic generalized anxiety disorder test is based on the common symptoms and DSM-IV diagnosis of GAD. You have to quickly and accurately answer 21 questions and after completing the test you will find your GAD report with result, score and your responses. You can print out all test results with test sheet. Please note that GAD test is not for diagnosis of this mental health condition.

This test is created by Deen Mohd (Psychology Student), reviewed and approved by Dr. Ajaz Khan ( Psychiatrist). We are thankful for Ali Mohd ( Illness Quiz user) for reporting a bug. If you have any question regarding this test please contact us.

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