Anger Test

This test will help find your anger level. Answer below questions honestly and the anger test will check if your level is low, normal or high.

1. If someone calls you by a nickname, how do you respond?

2. I avoid eye contact with people I hate.

3. I hate dirty Places?

4. You do not like crowded places.

5. Do you feel guilty after fights?

6. Do you sometimes feel like you are an emotional fool?

7. How do you feel when you are fooled by someone?

8. How do you feel when your smartphone crashes?

9. Could you forgive a person who has recently done wrong to you?

10. How do you feel when you can’t concentrate?

11. How do you feel when you are waiting for something?

12. How do you feel when someone is not listening to you?

13. How do you feel when you lie to someone?

14. How do you feel when you miss someone?

15. How do you feel when you get caught cheating?

This anger test has been designed to check the anger level of a person. If you want to check your anger level, then simply answer the above few questions which are related to your emotions, feelings and behaviour. If you have got below normal anger level then you have high coping level and patience.

If you have got high level then you need to learn anger management techniques which will help in gaining control on anger. Do not afraid because anger is not a disease or illness but it is emotional part of human beings. Everyone is different and you might have high anger level and low coping ability.

How this test is working?

We have put 17 questions and most of questions have been built with YES and No statements. After you have completed all questions, you will find result immediately. In this ager test we have used a psychological formula which will highlight your behaviour and emotions.

If you are facing issues with relationship and in managing friends and family because of anger, then you should consult a family counselor.

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