Psychopath Test

Here is an online version of a psychopathic personality test. This is a psychological self-assessment that measures the possibility of psychopathy.  A psychopath is a personality disorder; hence it is hard to diagnose an individual type as a psychopath. However, some traits show that a person is more likely to be psychopathic than others. Keeping this in mind, let’s begin the quiz!. Please be honest while answering the questions to analyze yourself in a better manner.

1. I am impulsive by nature. My emotions swing rapidly. It happens often that I am enjoying a party or any activity and suddenly I have no interest in it at all. I can become quite haughty and arrogant sometimes.

2. I don’t want share. Whether it is any object or feeling, it’s mine and I think sharing it with people who don’t understand it is an insult of me. Although I have my own creative and unique ways to express my emotions.

3. I am an attention seeker. I like it in a group only when people pay attention to what I think, say and do! I am not very comfortable while just listening to others and having no interest shown for me. I pay special attention to my appearance and presentation and become very annoyed when someone outshines me.

4. I love myself and don’t mind exaggerating things just to raise self-importance. I feel that I am “special” and unique. I prefer to associate with people of similar status and/or think that only they can fully understand me. Sometimes, I find myself envisioning about unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.

5. It is hard for me to commit to long-term relationships. I have had many brief relations and affairs, and my choice in sexual partners can be very indiscriminate depending on my mood and chances. I can have several relationships at the same time – and am not shy to talk about my ‘sexual conquests’. Compared to others, the commitments I make are relatively inconsistent, undependable, and unreliable.

6. Between the ages of 13-18, I had problems related to crimes, mistreatment, aggression, manipulations etc. I remember lying, stealing, cheating, bullying, or vandalizing before I was 15. If I have been indulged in many juvenile delinquencies that have gone unnoticed.

7. I don’t feel responsible for anything that may include me. I usually try to manipulate or shift the blame to others to hide my own failures. I try dodging the commitments or the obligations I have for my work or any other thing.

8. I am short tempered. I feel very disappointed or even angry if things don’t go the way as I was expecting them to be.

9. People call it lack of empathy but I feel why I shall be concerned about the possible losses or sufferings of other people if they don’t affect me or my work adversely? Actually I feel that some of them didn’t deserve it better as they don’t have what it takes to be at the top.

10. I have a strong craving to win. I want to succeed in every area I spread my wings. I feel that the horizon is made for me but not achieving the same affects me badly. I am not habitual of taking loss easily.

11. I don’t feel shy in taking favors. In my life, I have used deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for my personal gain; to be honest; often I don’t have much concern for the feelings and suffering of others.

12. I can be very smooth, engaging, charming, and slick. I can give a very self-conscious and confident impression, and it is hard to make me speechless; I can talk someone into the ground if needed.

13. It is hard for me to emotionally resist temptations, frustrations, and urges. I have a tendency to rash, to act unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.

14. I accept that I didn’t receive proper love and respect when I was a child. I can now go off the rails to gain my pride and power. It doesn’t bothers me if I have to step on people and act selfishly for the sake of it.

15. Regardless of what effect their actions might have on someone, they are alienated to the feeling of guilt or remorse. They even master playing the victim card very well for themselves.

16. I become bore easily. Generally, I am hungry for excitement and good entertainment, and I love situations where I’m the center of attention.

17. I do what I feel is right whether it is unacceptable for many, it hardly concerns me. I have no responsibilities for the society. So, I act for my own good. I think if people get offended, that’s their problem.

18. I may seem to be more of an extrovert but sometimes I feel more of an introvert, who enjoys deep and meaningful conversations, for a greater purpose rather than just to chat. I am also a very smart, manipulative, deeply thinking person who can analyze situations spontaneously.

19. I think that the rules are meant to be broken. Following rules makes me feel like caged in chains without any fulfilling purpose.

20. I have failed several times to develop and accomplish long-term plans and goals. I feel sometimes that I lack the direction in my life.

Psychopathy is a personality disorder that is similar to the antisocial personality. You can take an antisocial personality test for better information here. It is very difficult to diagnose such types of personalities, but our psychologists have worked hard and created this test.This is perfect automatic quiz which can report whether you have the possibility of psychopathic personality.

In the psychopath test, you have to answer 31 questions with Yes and No statements. You have to answer every question carefully and after completing this test you will find your result.

You can print the psychopathy report at the end and you can show it to the psychiatrist.  Please note this test can not diagnose the personality disorder only mental health professional can. You may also like to take sociopath test.

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