Stress Test

Take the stress test and it will help find out whether you have high stress level or low level. It can also check your coping ability. This test will screen other psychological conditions and will provide chances of each disorder.

1. Sometimes, I don’t like my everyday activities

2. I can’t get any privacy

3. I don’t like my work

4. People are bugging me about my ethnicity

5. Sometimes, i feel My boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents don’t like me

6. I feel like my friends are letting me down

7. I’m a social reject

8. I’ve got too many things to do at once

9. People are taking me for granted

10. People are taking me for granted

11. I feel lonely

12. I don’t get credit for my hard work

13. I can never meet my own expectations

14. People take advantage of me

15. There’s never any free time to just hang out

16. No matter how well I do, it’s never enough for my parents

17. People don’t understand me

18. I have too many responsibilities

19. I’m always thinking about my relationship status

20. I’m frustrated that I can’t do my homework—even when I try

21. I’ve had a lot of changes in my living situation

22. I often feel sad and empty.

23. I’m getting into some fights with my family

24. My friends and I aren’t getting along

25. It’s too hard to get ahead

26. I feel like I don’t explain myself well

27. I feel isolated

28. People are ignoring me

29. I don’t like the way I look

30. I don’t like where I live

31. I’m not happy with my exercise routine

32. My phone is taking over my life

33. Alternating between feeling high and low

34. I can’t sleep

35. I want to double check to make sure….

36. I can’t live alone

37. I am not happy with my life

38. I am seeing such things which are not real.

39. For me, Drinking Alcohol is the good way to manage stress

40. Are you more often

41. Which rules you more

So take anxiety disorder test and social anxiety test. You can also take schizophrenia test here.

Do you want to check whether you have high stress level or low then take this test and it will check your symptoms of stress and will automatically fetch a correct report. Stress and depression are two different mental conditions so do not compare this test with depression. You can take this test for depression, Main aim of stress test is to tell you how much coping ability you have.

If you got low stress level then you have high coping ability and if it is high stress level then you have low ability to cope with stress.

Every person can get stress but every person do not have high coping ability so this test has been created by psychologists to help people get overview of their stress level. If you have got high stress level then you should learn stress coping skills and try to mange stress. Stress is important for human beings to work and function correctly but if you can not control your stress in distressed situation, it can led to many psychological disorders.

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