Dysthymic Disorder Test

Are you wondering whether you might have dysthymic disorder. Here is perfect 8 questions quiz which will help you find out chances of this disorder. It will take only 1 minute to complete this test.

1. Loss of interest in daily activities

2. Sadness or feeling down

3. Do you feel….

4. Avoidance of social activities

5. Feelings guilty and worries over the past.

6. Poor appetite or overeating

7. Can’t not sleep well

8. Do you have (Please select)

You may also like to take Screening test for bipolar disorder and depression self-test.

Dysthymic disorder test is designed to check whether you might have symptoms of this depressive disorder. You will find a complete report like this.

Along with ranking you will be able to print your responses and can show it to your doctor. Dysthymic disorder test is automatic quiz and can not be used as a proper diagnosis of psychological condition. If you have symptoms then consult psychiatrist.

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