Minecraft Addiction Test

1. Do you want to stop playing Minecraft?

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2. Do you suffer headaches and neck pain while playing Minecraft?

Question 2 of 10

3. You like to play Minecraft in.....

Question 3 of 10

4. Are you seeing yourself in your dreams playing it?

Question 4 of 10

5. Do you feel guilty when playing it several times in a day.

Question 5 of 10

6. Do you think you are number one player of Minecraft.

Question 6 of 10

7. Have you gradually stopped eating food?

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8. You have gained experience in playing Minecraft and now you do not need support from others.

Question 8 of 10

9. I feel angry when someone calls me, while playing Minecraft.

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10. I can’t complete my schoolwork because I am spending too much time playing Minecraft.

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Minecraft is a video game developed for students to gain experience in various subjects like science, history, etc. Some teachers and educational psychologists suggest students play it for fun but some students are becoming obsessed with playing it and wasting precious time. Minecraft addiction is similar to video game addiction and it becomes very hard for a child to recover from this addiction so it is better to play for a limited time.

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This test will check your symptoms of Minecraft addiction and will let you know whether you are suffering from it or not.