Paranoid Personality Disorder Test

This paranoid personality disorder test will screen your behaviour for checking symptoms of paranoid personality disorder. This test is helpful for those of you who are hypersensitive and who want to find chances of developing this personality disorder. If you feel you can not put trust on other people then you might get a high score and high points from this test.

1. Do you often think that others are planning to harm you?

2. Do you think people are jealous of your character and reputation?

3. Do you handle criticism poorly?

4. Do you think you are hypersensitive?

5. Do you often think that your loved ones are untrustworthy?

6. I cannot trust my close friends, family members and relatives.

7. I take other people’s remarks seriously and I think they indicate harm.

8. I have difficulty relaxing.

9. I feel angry and cannot forgive people who insult me.

10. Do you feel you might become dependant if you do not take action immediately?

It is good to secure your privacy, but when you think negatively towards people like friends, family, and relatives and you think they all are unfaithful, then you may have developed paranoid personality disorder. Take this test to clear your doubts.

If you have got high points and have been declared as patient of paranoid personality disorder then consult professional mental health counselor and get treatment.

If you have got very low points and have been advised that you are not suffering from this disorder then check out other personality disorder tests here.