Schizoid Personality Disorder Test

Schizoid personality disorder is confused with schizophrenia disorder but schizoid personality disorder is different, you can learn more about schizophrenia disorder here. Here is an automatic test which will help you check whether you might have symptoms of this personality disorder. It will take 2 minutes to complete. Schizoid  personality disorder test consisted of 11 questions based on your experience and behavior.

1. You prefer to do things alone?

2. You have less interest in sex than most people?

3. You are feeling unable to experience pleasure.

4. When you work alone, do you get good results instead of working with others.

5. You feel detached from the world?

6. You believe your childhood was not good.

7. You can not cope stressful situations easily.

8. You come off as dull, indifferent or emotionally cold.

9. You prefer solitary activities and rarely express strong emotion.

10. Feeling confused about how to respond to normal social cues and generally have little to say

11. You have little or no desire for close relationships (including being part of a family)?

Little about schizoid personality disorder.

A person suffering from schizoid personality disorder is considered abnormal for society because he prefer to remain lonely. He faces many problems in coping with stressful situations and managing relationship with family and friends. Scientists have found that bad childhood experience and environmental factors are main causes for developing schizoid personality disorder.

It is said that 3% from total population is suffering from schizoid personality disorder and few of them are seeking professional treatment. If you believe you are suffering from this disorder, then consult mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment. Schizoid personality disorder test is designed to check chances and if you have got high score from this test, then you should seek professional help.

After completing schizoid personality disorder test, you will get result with response sheet. You should printout your response sheet so that you can show it to your psychiatrist.

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