Psychopath Test

Here is an online version of a psychopathic personality test. This is a psychological self-assessment that measures the possibility of psychopathy. Answer the questions below and you will find out whether you are fully a psychopath or not.

1. Seeing an animal injured or in pain doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

2. You are the kind of person who has never felt guilt for wrongdoing.

3. You are feeling extremely sorry for the wrong comments.

4. You are incapable of understanding the feelings of others.

5. You have unlimited tactics to get your way.

6. You are the kind of person who was born without nervousness and shyness.

7. Cheating on your partner is OK so long as you don’t get caught.

8. Taking always and giving never (ha ha ha)

9. Do you think poor judgement is your main problem?

10. Do you think sex is an expression of love?

11. You lack the capacity to perceive the true nature or cause of a situation.

12. You fail to develop or follow any life plan.

13. Risk taking is your passion.

14. You feel bored quickly after listening to some lectures.

15. You have tactic to change facial expressions according to situation.

The psychopath is a personality disorder, similar to the antisocial personality you can take the antisocial personality test for better information here. It is very difficult to diagnose such types of personalities, but our psychologists have worked hard and created this test. This is perfect automatic quiz which can report whether you have the possibility of psychopathic personality.

In the psychopath test, you have to answer 31 questions with Yes and No statements. You have to answer every question carefully and after completing this test you will find your result.

You can print the psychopathy report at the end and you can show it to the psychiatrist.  You can read more information about psychopathic personality test here. Please note this test can not diagnose the personality disorder only mental health professional can.