Cell Phone Addiction Test

We have designed a cell phone addiction test for every person who is not sure whether they might have this type of addiction. Some people are using cell phones as calculators and some are using them for important calls but when a person wastes enough time in playing games, listening music and browsing internet then it is a sign of cell phone addiction.

1. Are you feeling unsatisfied with your phone functions?

2. Are you telling others that you have used every cell phone made by every company in the world?

3. You cannot sleep without your cellphone.

4. Do you have habit of putting your hand in the pocket in which you have put your cell phone?

5. Have you broken your cellphone due to anger because it was not responding?

6. When you feel stressed, do you prefer to listen music?

7. How many cellphones you have at this time?

8. How many hours a day you are spending on your cell phone?

9. You have tried to stop using a cell phone for while, but failed.

10. Due to cell phones, you have lost face to face contact with friends.

11. Are you wondering how time has suddenly passed while you are playing with a cellphone?

12. Your homework is not complete because you have been too distracted from using your cell phone.

When a person gets addicted to their phone, he/she withdraws from social activities, reduces their food intake, and is unable to think positively. Some people think their cell phone is their friend. They believe that having a cell phone is a way to recover from depression and stress. However, that’s not the case; it’s a path that one easily gets addicted to.Take this addiction test and if you have been suggested, you have cell phone addiction, then make a timetable and stop using cell phone overtime.

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