Dependent Personality Disorder Test

This is a screening tool to check whether you have a dependent personality or independent personality. Remaining heavily dependent on others is a very common disorder and most people need to be treated so that they can enjoy life alone as well as with friends and family. The dependent personality disorder test has been used by parents for family members, and by a person who thinks he/she cannot live life without others’ help.

1. Please describe why you need to take this test.

2. Do you struggle to make everyday decisions and need help from others often?

3. Your parents are going to travel leaving you alone at home, can you take care of yourself?

4. How would you describe your self confidence?

5. Two people are discussing something important and you think you have better knowledge on the topic, what would you do?

6. Would you prefer to give your project to another person because you think you cannot complete it correctly or on time?

7. Are you afraid of asking for help from others?

8. Do you feel uncomfortable or helpless when alone? Is it because you fear you are not able to take care of yourself?

9. Do you feel you should seek another relationship as a source of care and support when a close relationship ends?

10. Are you unrealistically preoccupied with fears of being left alone to take care of yourself?

11. Do you sometimes dream that your loved ones have left you all alone?

Dependent personality disorder is characterized by remaining dependent on other people including the need for protection for social, psychological and physical wellbeing. In childhood, a child will feel fear and unprotected without a mom and he remains dependent for many years. But after good physical, emotional and social development, he will feel independent.

A child with abnormalities remains dependent on its parents for a long time so they are suffering from DPD. People with this disorder have difficulty in making their own decisions and feel insecure without loved ones. Now if you are feeling you can’t live without others help and can not take day to day responsibilities then here is a good test which will determine whether you have symptoms of dependent personality disorder.

“In our, self we have people seeking help from others but every human being has potential to enjoy freedom of life so believe on what you have and do not worry what you don’t have at the movement.”