Love Addiction Test

Introduction: This love addiction test will screen your emotions, and your behavior, and it will tell you whether you have this type of addiction or not. Are you feeling that you can’t live without love and feel anxious of being abandoned, then feel free to answer the questions below and it will automatically provide advice.

Please read every question carefully and answer honestly, so you get accurate results.

1. Are you in a break up and then make up cycle with a romantic partner?

2. Do you often think to yourself that this person is not good for you?

3. Do any of your close friends tell you that this person is not good for you?

4. After you two have been apart for a few days, do you get to a point where you feel empty or lost without this person?

5. During the days immediately following a breakup with this person, do you experience difficulty sleeping, eating, or carrying out other self-care activities?

6. Do you need emotional intensity in order to feel alive?

7. Do you feel happy when the two of you reconnect after a fight or a falling out?

8. Do you feel energised when you fall in love with someone?

9. Do you get suicidal thoughts when you feel your relationship may suffer.

10. Do you feel need for a partner when you feel loneliness?

11. Do you feel you are loved by people who have eye contact with you?

12. Can you break your own roles when it comes to a relationship?

13. Do you sometimes feel anxious from not getting affection and love?

14. When you feel terrified and anxious, do you think you need a partner to recover from it?

15. Do you feel the urge to listen to music or read love quotes, when you feel like you’re in love?

16. Do you cry and feel depressed when you doubt that your partner might have another special friend?

17. Are you using the internet for the purpose of dating and making positive sex friends on social networks?

“If we can’t express our knowledge but we have urge to spread it then we are suffering from a loss disorder and if we are not able to express love in a controlling condition then we have love addiction.”


Love is emotional part and we express it with the help of behavior and environment. A person may suffer from a strong desire to express his/her love and it makes ones life dependent on others. When you feel you can’t live alone and feel depressed and sad when you get doubts about the person you where looking for relationship. Love addiction can become sex addiction and if it remains untreated it can lead to drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

What you have to do, when you have been declared as love addicted by this test?

Love addiction is treated with the help of sex addiction treatment methods so you must consult a mental health professional like psychiatrist or psychologist for further evaluation.

Some people do not believe whether love addiction exits but it is truth. We may suffer from cognitive or think problems so we may also suffer from emotional abnormalities.