Love Test

Love Efficiency Test

Introduction: This is not a love capability test but it is automatic test for measuring how much you can love? and whether you have strong love personality or week. Answer questions and find your results. Please answer every question honestly so that love test could not calculate wrong things.

1. Which type of move you like most ( Please select only most liked)

2. Do you feel guilty when you hurt other people or your loved ones.

3. Do you feel insecure without your loved ones.

4. Do you feel upset, if your partner or loved one showed negative behavior.

5. Have you found music a way to recover from sadness.

6. Read this line and tell how you felt “Everyone’s tells i fall in love once but i experienced love over and over again”

7. Do you agree with this “Love and sex are two different things.”

8. Do you believe ” Where there is love there is life”

9. Do you like people who are talkative or people who are talking little.

10. Do you feel you are not loved by others.

11. Do you wear attractive clothes to attract people to like you.

12. You feel authoritative when wearing attractive cloths.

13. How do you feel when someone hurts your loved one.

14. You feel happy when someone gives respect.

15. You have strong desire to make new friends.

This is a simple love test which will determine your efficiency of love by screening your emotions. You will be notified whether you have every high love efficiency, medium and very low. You have to answer 15 questions and this test will reveal how much you can love? in seconds. Please note this is not a capability test and this test is using some psychological facts which are used to reveal emotional part of mind.

What it measures

Love test simply measures a person’s capacity to love and how long this love can stand out. It will try to calculate your ID, Ego and Superego in initial phase.

In second phase it will measure anger level, sympathy and interests.

In third phase it will measure your coping ability and forgiveness.

If a person got high ranking and points then he has lovable personality. You have to answer few questions and then your results will be shown immediately. Love test is created for fun and entertainment. Keep in mind love is emotional part and we can measure it with out any problem. This test is not created to check your love for your partner but it is created to check your love personality.

Some people are facing problems in relationships due to week love personality and they hate things when they become old. So this test tries to calculate your skills and coping ability to fix problems in your emotional part. There is’t any sign which can show a person has week love personality or stronger but psychologists have created tests in the form of quiz. These quizzes can accurately tell whether a person has problem in emotions.

Love is not a trait itself but it is part of personality. We can measure it if you show your interests and can provide some information about you instincts. This test is valuable if you understood your results and can provide overview of emotional state.