Agitated Depression Test

Before Staring This Test: To get accurate results for the agitated depression test, we recommend taking this general bipolar test (will open in new window). After completing that test, come back and take this test. If you got a high chances message from the bipolar test, you should consult a psychiatrist or psychologist for proper diagnosis.

1. Please tell what message you got from bipolar test.

2. The most common symptoms of agitated depression are suicidal thoughts and hopelessness. Please tell me do you also suffer from these?

3. You can’t control anger and sometimes feeling irritable?

4. Are you seeing or listening to things which are not present?

5. Are you getting racing thoughts.

6. Can you not rest well and sometimes feeling restless and tired?

7. Can you remember a life event which might have made you depressed for a long time. Examples are losing a job or a loved one, feeling sick for a long time, etc.