Dementia Test

Take an online version of the dementia test, based on mental ability questionnaires. It will help you see how severe the memory problems are, that you may have.

1. Have you been getting lost more often than usual?

2. Do you have trouble finding words?

3. Do you find that you lose or misplace things more often?

4. Do your memory difficulties impair work/social life?

5. Do you now have more trouble following directions?

6. Do you have trouble remembering events that happened this morning or last week?

7. Do you have more trouble remembering lists, such as shopping lists ?

8. Do people get annoyed with you due to your memory?

9. Do you find that you repeat yourself more often?

10. Do you remember the address of the last place you lived or visited?

This test is not a diagnosis of dementia but it can provide good information whether you are at risk of developing this disorder or not. Please consult doctor for proper diagnosis of dementia.