Cyclothymia Test

Top Cyclothymic Disorder Test

This test is designed to determine whether you have cyclothymic disorder, it will check your behavior along with bipolar and depressive disorder signs and will find your chances. For suicidal help please call your local emergency suicidal hotline.

Important : You should consult mental health professional for proper diagnosis. He can use physical exams to determine your physical symptoms of cyclothymic disorder.

1. Please select your experience below. Select those which you experience often.

2. You are getting unwanted suicidal thoughts.

3. Are you feeling guilt often.

4. Do you often complain of appetite problems and fatigue.

5. You have lost interest in activities.

6. You often feel mood changes from low to high and high to low.

Have you got high chances message from cyclothmia test then it is time to get treatment. It was not a proper way to diagnose and you should not self diagnose cyclothymic disorder but meet a professional mental health expert.