OCD of Checking Test

1. OCD of Checking Test


Type 1: Checking OCD Test:

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2. Look at the picture and tell have you got fear of burglar and you felt need of checking whether windows and doors are closed.
ocd of door

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3. Look at the picture and tell, do you need to recheck whether you switched off heater or gas because you are getting thoughts of burn down and damage to your house.

ocd of gas

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4. You are constantly checking symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder or other disorders or illness because you fear of developing illness.

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5. You need to check whether your loved ones are safe because you are getting images of damage caused to your loved ones.

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6. After seeing dreadful nightmare about loved ones, you worry whole day and you struggle to divert your mind but you fail.

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7. In general due to fear and anxious thoughts, you need to recheck for the safety of oneself and for the safety of your loved ones. You want to get these thoughts over but you fail.

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