Depersonalization Disorder Test

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Depersonalization disorder is similar to dissociative disorder in which a person feels detached from body and thoughts. If you want to check whether you have chances of depersonalization, the we have created this online test for you. You have to answer 13 questions and after completing the quiz you will get a complete report. If you have received high chances report, then print the report with your responses and show it to your doctor.

Take 13 Questions Depersonalization Test.

Sometimes a person can feel detached from his body and thoughts because of physical abnormality but if you are feeling it from several days, then it is time to check whether you might have developed this disorder. There is no test created for diagnosis but a doctor will examine your physical health and if he does not found any cause then he will refer to psychiatrist. Psychiatrist will do a little interview and will try to find root cause of depersonalization disorder.

Dissociative disorders is similar to depersonalization but in dissociative disorder a person lose memory, consciousness, reality, awareness and can not perceive things accurately.

Scientists are still not able to find real cause of depersonalization but biological and environmental factors are viewed as responsible for development of disorder. Psychiatrists have found that case study can help diagnose root cause of the disorder.

You should consult doctor if you have received high score from depersonalization test. Treatment of this disorder is available so if you are persistently feeling detached from your thoughts and body then do not waste your time.