Borderline Personality Disorder Test

This test scans your personality and checks whether you might have borderline personality disorder. This test is based upon the signs of borderline personality disorder. After completing the test, you will receive your results instantly. In the report, you will find out whether you need to visit a mental health professional for a proper diagnosis of borderline personality disorder or not.

1. Do you often remember the terrible events that you have experienced from childhood?

2. Do you face intense emotions and mood swings?

3. Do you put yourself into dangerous situations such as taking high risks, spending a lot of money, and driving recklessly?

4. You may see others as either “good” or “bad” and may shift from one view to the other, suddenly.

5. How is your relationship with family, friends and loved ones?

6. Do you fear of being left alone (abandoned)?

7. Is it easy for someone to make you angry?

8. Do you sometimes feel empty.

9. Do you ever harm yourself by cutting and burning your body parts?

10. Have you ever attempted suicide or thought of killing yourself?

11. Do you sometimes feel like you have lost the sense of reality?

12. Do you have a fear of rejection in new relationships that causes you to create a false image of the person, you believe would be lovable?

13. Do you sometimes think this way? I need to have complete control of my feelings otherwise things go completely wrong.

14. Do you sometimes feel this way? I am an evil person and I need to be punished for it.

15. Do you feel that if you trust someone, you run a great risk of getting hurt or disappointed?

16. Do you sometimes feel like you won’t get what you want?

17. Do you feel…your feelings and opinions are unfounded?

18. Do you believe other people are not willing or helpful?

Please note that only mental health professionals can diagnose psychological disorders. This test is helpful only if you need to overview whether you have high chances of borderline personality disorder. This test should not be used to self-diagnose borderline personality disorder and if you found you have high chances, then discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Understanding Test Results.

In this test we have placed 18 questions and they are directly or indirectly linked with symptoms and signs of borderline personality disorder. If you have got more than 30% symptoms that means you need to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.