Left Brain vs Right Brain Test

Which brain is dominant play this game.

Left brain right brain test is designed to check which side of brain is dominant and which hand can perform fast. Some people are so trained that they can read two book at a time and can write two letters at a time but naturally they have only one brain dominant. If you want to know which side of brain is stronger and faster then take this 1 minute test and it will let you know.

1. Please do the same as shown in the picture and say which hand was faster in widening the fingers.

Please put your hands on a plain sheet of paper and widen your fingers. Check which hand is faster and which one has no problem widening the fingers.

Please put your hands on a plain sheet and widen your fingers.


2. Which car did you like most to drive?

Please tell which car you liked most.

This is left handed car.

Car with right hand

This is right handed car. If you liked this car, then select the right-handed car.


3. Do you believe you could train your hands so that they can write on two pieces of paper at the same time?

4. Please look at this picture and tell me which hand you would use to roll it to fix it.

Use right hand to scrool this.


5. Which direction do you face when you sleep?

6. When you feel stress or depression

Person with dysthymia disorder

Person with DD

which hand touches the face or forehead.


7. When you have headaches, on which side do you feel the most pain?

8. When you play cricket, in which position can you hit the ball hard?

9. You have two books to read at the same time. Tell me which book you will open first.

10. You see dirty clothes in your room. Which hand will you use to put them in a dust bin?

This test consists of 10 questions with images and you have to correctly answer every question honestly. For better results you should practice every experiment which has been suggested by the left brain vs right brain test.